Police Academy Cadet alleged to offer murder-for-hire to fellow cadet with divorce problems, facing special circumstance, Murder Charges. Negotiations result: No Charges Filed.


Client was being accused of Burning down Mother-in-law’s house. Retained Bernstein’s office in advance of D.A. filing. After two years of work by this office, case was dropped entirely. Charges never filed.


Accused of vehicular manslaughter car struck a parked car killing a man sleeping inside it after driver fell asleep at the wheel. No charges filed.  DMV revoked drivers license for reckless & deadly conduct. Filed  Administrative Writ of Mandamus in the Superior Court against the State of California got license reinstated.

MURDER-Inglewood, CA

Gang member involved in fight with reputed gang members resulting in the death, arrested & charged with murder. DA reassessed the case & felt the charges were not strong enough to go to trial & no charges filed. Released from jail to his mother.


Arrested in Las Vegas & accused by LAPD of participating in a carjacking & assault, driving stolen carjacked vehicle at the time of her arrest. Released to her mother’s custody in Las Vegas, returned to Los Angeles where Mr. Bernstein intervened with LAPD & showed she was a witness, not  a perpetrator. No charges filed.