8 year old girl dies in car on flooded road after a  storm. Defendant was the County of Riverside, alleged that the County should have put up a sign of road condition. In CA, unless witness to the accident, parents have limited rights to damages.  At trial County offered $150,000.00 & the clients accepted.

RAPE – Riverside

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, accused of using his position to get a young female recruit in compromising circumstances, then forcing her to have non-consensual sex. Conviction results in Prison & sex offender registration for life. Pre-trial publicity brought forth additional witness that assisted prosecutor’s assertions. Settlement: 1 count of sexual battery, NO sex offender registration.


Chiropractor staged insurance fraud ring, which was infiltrated by the Department of Insurance with an undercover on the inside. A staged collision occurred, monitored, & documented. Undercover, “soft-tissue injured” in collision, went to the Chiropractor for “treatment” & secretly audio taped. Insurance then billed for over 40 treatments. 6 mos. home detention, electronic monitoring.

RAPE – Los Angeles

Accused: Luring young girl to his apartment & forcible rape. Complete rape kit/report done at USC Rape Treatment Center & consistent with forcible, non-consensual sex. Client admitted to police girl was in his apartment, denied sex acts. Charges: forced oral copulation & rape. Settlement: Prison, max 10 yrs, life-time sex offender registration. Jury trial results:


Accused by 9 year old step-daughter of continuous sexual abuse since she was 7 years old including oral & anal copulation & oral copulation of his 4 year old son. Conviction of the 8 sex crime charges would result in a “DIE IN PRISON” sentence. Jury Trial resulted in “NOT GUILTY” on ALL charges.


Judge Lance Ito, was recorded saying this about Bob Bernstein, “Mr. Bernstein is an excellent attorney & he has done some excellent work in this courtroom before, Mr. X (Unmentioned Client), so your family might want to do what is necessary to retain him, because he is a real fighter.” See the L.A. Times article here.