Car Jacking

Los Angeles Carjacking Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been charged with carjacking you are in serious legal trouble. Public outcry over carjacking crimes puts significant political pressure on prosecutors and the courts to prosecute those charged with carjacking with unbridled severity. Often the news of a Los Angeles car chases carjacking gets local and national news media coverage heightening the general perception of the ruthlessness of the act.

Charged with Carjacking in Los Angeles?

Carjacking is defined as forcibly taking the vehicle of an innocent person, it can be for any length of time. Carjacking charges are sometimes erroneously brought about; sometimes the result of a domestic dispute or some disagreement with a car test drive or car sale by a private party or at a dealership. No matter how the charges came about, you will need the help of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to review your case and develop a defense plan to begin to deploy on your behalf against a ofttimes overzealous prosecutor.

A carjacking charge, depending on the circumstances, can carry a serious penalty. It is vital that you do not underestimate what you are up against. You will need a large law firm equipped with enough attorneys to be able to aggressively fight for your rights the law enforcement and police investigators will be working to convict you.

Aggressive Southern California Carjacking Defense Attorney

Well-known Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Bob Bernstein has 43-years of PERSONAL experience (not “combined experience” as so many inexperienced law firms advertise) in REAL criminal defense to even up the odds. Mr. Bernstein has the experience, the respect of the prosecutors and courts, and the nuts & bolts know-how to carry out any needed investigation into police procedure, and to secure expert witnesses, etc. to put together a powerful defense that will ensure you the best possible outcome.

Get a Carjacking Defense Lawyer Right Away

When you are charged with a theft or robbery crime such as carjacking, it is imperative that you seek out and hire legal counsel prior to answering any questions from the law enforcement officials or investigators working the case. By getting legal representation early, it might be possible to smooth things over with the police and DA such that charges will never be filed. This is often the case if you hire a well-know, well-respected local lawyer who the prosecutor would rather not have to go up against. Prosecutors have 100’s of cases. They want to WIN all that they file. If a handful of cases have high-powered, well-known defense lawyers who are “known” for WINNING cases for their clients – why take a chance with those cases? Might be better for the DA to keep their “win record” high and dismiss the case, or work out a deal with your defense attorney to reduce the charges to something “fair for all parties” that does not end up in a pointless battle that they could lose if they assign the case to an inexperienced staff attorney. No matter the office politics it is always better to have legal representation early on so you have all possible opportunities to defend yourself behind the scenes or in court if necessary.

I believe that your Constitution Rights are most important when the “accused” –a lone individual– is facing the overwhelming power of the STATE. A good lawyer is your only protection between you and the Police, the District Attorney and the Court.

I will defend anyone accused of wrongdoing, regardless of the charge. Call me personally, Bob Bernstein, right this minute, DAY or NIGHT at 800-995-2911 to discuss your situation in complete confidence.